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"Outlaws" is a term for criminals, particularly from the American Old West. Because outlaws are mostly associated with cowboys, they are sometimes called, the Cowboy Mafia or the cowboy counterpart of the Mafia. The term inspired the names of groups such as the Outlaws Motorcycle Club and the New Age Outlaws and Old Age Outlaws of professional wrestling.

Sports teams by that name include

*Arizona Outlaws, the former United States Football League team also known as the Oklahoma Outlaws

*Austin Outlaws, the National Women's Football Association team

*Chico Outlaws, the Golden Baseball League team

*Denver Outlaws, the Major League Lacrosse team

*Kansas City Outlaws, the former United Hockey League team

*Nottingham Outlaws, the Rugby League Conference team

*Red Deer Outlaws. the former Canadian Baseball League team

*Two members of the National Indoor Football League used the nickname Outlaws simultaneously. Both Billings Football and Osceola Football were forced to drop the name for the 2006 season, and both will take different nicknames for the 2007 season.

It can refer to musical groups such as

*The Outlaws, a southern rock band

*The Outlaws, an Engl...

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