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The Outsiders can refer to:

*The Outsiders (novel), by S. E. Hinton, and the movie and TV series based on the novel *The Outsiders (comics), a superhero series published by DC Comics *The Outsiders (Known Space), a fictional species of aliens in Larry Niven's Known Space series

*The Outsiders (Dutch band), a rock and roll music group *The Outsiders (British band), an early punk band *The Outsiders (American band), another rock and roll music group *The Outsidaz (rap group), a rap group featuring Eminem.

*Outsiders is a song by Franz Ferdinand off the album You Could Have It So Much Better.


*The Outsiders (nWo), a professional wrestling tag team in the late 1990s *The Outsiders (documentary), a documentary with Nick Hancock, about Iran in World Cup 1998 *The Outsiders (film), based on the novel

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