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"Oysterband" (originally "Oyster Band") is a British folk rock band formed in Canterbury in around 1976. The band grew out of the earlier Fiddler's Dram and the ''Oyster Ceilidh Band''. Their first album, released under the Oyster Ceilidh Band name, was ''Jacks Alive'' (1978) on the Dingles record label. Subsequent albums, as "Oyster Band" (sometimes ''The Oyster Band'') were released on the band's own Pukka Music label: ''English Rock N Roll: The Early Years 1800-1850'' and ''Lie Back and Think of England'', followed by ''20 Golden Tie-slackeners'' and ''Liberty Hall''.

The lineup of the band changed over these albums. The first recorded line-up was:

*Cathy Lesurf - vocals;

*John Jones - melodeon, vocals;

*Alan Prosser - guitars, fiddle;

*Chris Taylor - guitar, bouzouki, harmonica, one-row melodeon, mandola;

*Ian Telfer - violin, English concertina;

*Chris Wood - bass guitar;

*Will Ward - bassoon, recorders, crumhorn, keyboards

By the time they recorded the album ''Step Outside'' in 1986 the personnel had settled down to John Jones, Ian Kearey (a founder member, returning to play bass guitar), Alan Prosser, Russell Lax (drums) and Ian Telfer. ''Step...

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