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"'Panda"' is a Mexican Emo band that was formed in Monterrey in 1996. However, they started to become sucessful in 1997.

The band began with four boys, Pepe, Riki, Ongi and Kross, who had joined to write songs on topics such as love, friends, partying, and youth. They produced sufficient material to compile a demo, and with it acquired a contract with a local indie record label called Movic Records.

In 2001, they released their first album, entitled ''Arroz con Leche'', which was relatively unpopular among the local people and media. However, with their 2003 follow-up, ''La Revancha del Principe Charro'', the group began gaining popularity.

They toured in Mexico and the United States. After a prolonged break, Panda began recording their next album. It was then that Ongi left them. They replaced him with a friend of the band, Arturo Arredondo, who had already played with Kross in another local group, ''Super Azfalto'', and whose abilities were well-known to the band members.

< Note: Unsure of translation. From original Spanish article, "y los atributos de Arturo ya eran bien conocidos por la banda," which was originally translated as "his atributes" sic. -->


years active 1997 - present
origin Monterrey
base Nuevo Leon
country United States of Mexico
music genre Emo
current members Arturo Arredondo
Jorge Vazquez
José Madero
Ricardo Treviño
past members Jorge Garza
David castillo
website Official Site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia