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"Panic" is the band that Dave Mustaine was in before he joined Metallica. The band was created in 1981. It was all chance because all the members were at a place called ''Slymickers'' watching another thrash metal band named Metal Might. Lead singer of Panic Charles Gooduson was talking with Dave Mustaine about if he was in a band or not and if he wanted to form one. They had a few drinks and Charles introduced Dave to his good friend Michael Vanhortton. From then the band Panic was formed.

This Panic is not the only band named as such. Panic from Boston is a popular hardcore punk band on Bridge 9 Records, popular for their ultra fast rhythms and highly emotional songs. Panic was also the first name used by L.A. hardcore punk band Black Flag in the late 1970s. They released one demo as Panic, featuring many songs that Black Flag would later use.

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