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Patrick Wolf

"Patrick Wolf" (born June 30, 1983) is a folktronica singer, songwriter and musician born in St Thomas' Hospital, London, England who grew up in South London. Patrick plays many intruments, including harp, harpsichord, organ, theremin, Ukulele, Viola and Violin.

At the age of eleven, Patrick Wolf began recording songs with his violin, voice and car boot sale organs on a four-track tape recorder. However, his musical education started some years earlier, with rigorous violin lessons and church choirs. A strong ambition to create new and innovative music was developed when Patrick became obsessed with early twentieth-century electronics .

Patrick's teenage period was turbulent, he was forced to change schools due to bullying. At the age of fourteen he performed with pop art collective Minty. His writings and recordings caught the attention of Fat Cat Records which donated an Atari computer and a mixing console to Patrick. These tools helped him further in his unique production and programming.

Patrick left home at the age of sixteen. He spent some years wild and free around London making money from busking in a string quartet and forming a group called "Maison Crimi...

birth date June 30 1983
birth place London, England, United Kingdom
occupation Singer, songwriter
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source: Wikipedia