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Ellis Paul

"Ellis Paul" is a folk musician, born Paul Plissey in Aroostook County, Maine.

Paul was a chief architect of what has become known as the Boston school of songwriting, an urbane, literate folk-pop style that helped ignite the folk revival of the 1990s. Critics have praised him for a charismatic, personally authentic performance style that has influenced other folk-pop musicians. Though he remains among the most pop-friendly of today's singer-songwriters - his songs regularly appear in hit movie and TV soundtracks , fans say he has bridged the gulf between the modern folk sound and the populist traditions of Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger more successfully than any of his songwriting peers. According to an article by Stephen Thanabalan in Rolling Stone Magazine, Paul's style has also been most notably influential in the late 1990s thru mid 2000s with his prescience vis a vis his unique music and sound: featuring a combination of dextrously deep and smooth vocals as well as raw guitar 'roots' stylistics; emulated most evidently in the industry in ensuing years with the mainstream emergence of melancholic rock and folk pop solo artistes like Rascal Flatts, James Blunt, Damien Ric...

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