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Paul Weller

"Paul Weller" (born John William Weller on 25 May 1958, in Stanley Road, Woking, Surrey) is an English singer-songwriter and leader of two successful bands, The Jam and The Style Council. In the UK, he is recognised as something of a national institution yet, because much of his songwriting is rooted in British culture, he has remained essentially a national rather than an international star. He was also the major, if latterly somewhat reluctant, figure of the Mod revival.

Paul Weller's song catalogue is published by BMG Music Publishing.

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Weller first burst onto the national music scene in 1977 with his first band, The Jam, which he formed four years earlier as a teenager in Woking with his friends Rick Buckler (drums) and Bruce Foxton (bass). Weller himself took lead vocal duties and was a talented lead guitarist.

Nonetheless, The Clash were suitably impressed by The Jam to take them along as the support act on their ''White Riot'' tour of 1977. Politically, Weller was inspired by the left-wing stance of Joe Strummer and Mick Jones. The Jam went on to be far more successf...

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