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Pendragon are an English progressive rock band established in 1978 in Stroud, Gloucestershire as Zeus Pendragon by guitarist Nick Barrett. The Zeus was dropped before the band started recording. There were a few personnel changes in the early days, but since 1986 the lineup has remained stable, and the band is still active as of 2006. Their music is characterised by Barrett's virtuoso guitar playing and his highly emotional, if eccentric, vocal performances.


  • Nick Barrett (guitars, vocals)
  • Rick Carter (keyboards before 1986)
  • Peter Gee (bass)
  • Nigel Harris (drums before 1986)
  • Clive Nolan (keyboards since 1986)
  • Fudge Smith (drums from 1986 to 2006)
  • Joe Crabtree (drums since 2006)


  • Fly High, Fall Far (EP) (1984) (vinyl only in this form)
  • The Jewel (1985) (CD includes first half of Fly High, Fall Far EP)

**Remastered with new cover art 2005

  • 9:15 Live (1986) (CD includes second half of Fly High, Fall Far EP)
  • Kowtow (1988)
  • The W...
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