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Peter Maffay

"Peter Maffay" (born August 30, 1949 in Bra┼čov, Romania; real name: ''Peter Alexander Makkay'') is a German musician.

Maffay emigrated in 1963 with his ethnic German parents to Germany. Already in the same year, he created his first volume "The Dukes". After school and a period learning Chemigraphics (artwork manufacturer), the guitarist Maffay, with Bob Dylan and Donovan, worked in clubs, with which he shared his music, also to do with peace.

The career of Peter Maffay began in December 1969, with the publication of his first single, "Du" (You). "Du" was the biggest hit of the 1970's and it made Maffay a star overnight. The 70's were shaped by predominantly simple Rock'n'Roll numbers and Ballads; Maffay however maintained his place in the music business. With the album "Steppenwolf" in 1979, Maffay quickly rose to the throne of German rock music.

The album sold itself 1.6 million times over, making it the best selling LP at that time. In 1980 the album "Revanche" (Revenge) followed and built the record even further (to date over 2.1 million copies sold). For 25 years all of his albums have had similarly strong success.

With 15 albums placed number 1 in th...

origin Romania
music genre Rock (music)
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