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Peter Sarstedt

Peter Sarstedt (born 10 December 1941 in Delhi India) is a singer-songwriter.

He is probably best known for his 1969, UK number one hit, Where Do You Go To (My Lovely) about a poor-born girl who becomes a member of the jet-set. The song was awarded the 1969 Ivor Novello Award, together with David Bowie's Space Oddity. Other known Sarstedt songs include "Beirut" and "Frozen Orange Juice".

Peter Sarstedt's brothers are: *Richard Graham Sarstedt, who topped the UK singles chart himself in 1961 with "Well I Ask You", under the stage name of Eden Kane. *Clive Robin Sarstedt (the youngest), made his recording debut as Wes Sands (recorded by Joe Meek), continued as Clive Sands and had a hit in 1976 with "My Resistance Is Low" as Robin Sarstedt.

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