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Phantom Planet

"Phantom Planet" is a frequently evolving four-piece alternative music band based out of Southern California that achieved fame for its track ''California'', which has gone on to become the theme song for the popular Fox TV series, ''The O.C.''. Phantom Planet also performed a cover of Jackson Browne's ''Somebody's Baby'' for ''Not Another Teen Movie''. "Big Brat" was also introduced in the video game soundtrack, ''Driv3r'' (Driver 3). Their first record is a surf-rock collection of tunes reminiscent of The Beach Boys. Their second is classic rock harkening to U2 and Blur. Their third and most recent album is an amalgam of sounds, described by the band members as "a fight between" bands such as Fugazi, The Who, The Cure, The Flaming Lips, and The Clash.

They played their first show ever in 1995 at The Dragonfly in Hollywood. Most of their friends couldn't attend because they were still in high school, while the Dragonfly only serves customers that are 21 and over. Two of the songs they played are featured on the bonus material of the ''Chicago, Chicagogoing, Chicagogone'' DVD. Among the songs performed were "My Friend Liz's Dad" (misprinted as "My Friend Liz Is Dead on the D...

years active 1994-present
origin Southern California
country United States
music genre Indie rock
Pop underground
current members Alex Greenwald
Sam Farrar
Darren Robinson (musician)
past members Jason Schwartzman
Jacques Brautbar
website Official site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia