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Pig Destroyer

"Pig Destroyer" is an extreme metal band from Virginia, United States. Combining elements of grindcore, thrash metal, death metal, and doom metal, Pig Destroyer have pushed the boundaries of their chosen genres and gained a loyal following in the process. Their unique sound is characterized by, amongst other things, an absence of bass guitar.

The band formed in 1997 with vocalist J.R. Hayes of Enemy Soil, guitarist Scott Hull of Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Anal Cunt, and Japanese Torture Comedy Hour, and drummer John Evans. John Evans was later replaced by Brian Harvey.

The band chose their name motivated by a strong socio-political consciousness. Believing that naming themselves "Cop Killer" or "Cop Destroyer" would be tactless, they eventually settled on "Pig Destroyer" ("pig" being a pejorative American slang term for the police). Derived from a non-musical source as extreme as the band's sound, Pig Destroyer's easily identifiable logo was created using the emblem from the infamous ANSWER Me! magazine as a template. The band has become less political in recent times, causing some fans to believe that the name no longer holds the meaning it once did.

In the summer of 20...

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