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Planet Funk

"Planet Funk" is an Anglo-Italian electronic dance musical group.

Members are Sergio Della Monica, Alex Neri, Domenico GG Canu, Marco Baroni, and Alessandro Sommella (''the Ghost extra member''), in addition to a series of guest singers in collaboration, like Dan Black, Sally Doherty, Raiz and John Graham.

Their first single, "Chase the Sun", reached #5 on the UK Singles Chart in 2001.

They are also remixers, with their highest-profile work to date being New Order's "Waiting for the Sirens' Call".

In May 2006 they became the first musical group to release a single exclusively as a mobile phone download, with the release of "Stop Me" on the mobile network 3.


* 2002: ''Non Zero Sumness''

* 2005: ''The Illogical Consequence''

* Official site

* Alessandro Sommella

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