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: ''Poison was also the name of both a shortlived British punk group who eventually became the thrash metal band Anihilated, and a German black metal band.''

"Poison" is an American glam metal band and have achieved popular success in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Formed by a group of aspiring rock musicians from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Poison moved to Los Angeles, California in search of fame. The band's roots, and those of glam metal in general, lay in America's east, and in particular, the sounds and images associated with the New York Dolls, KISS, Boston, Aerosmith, and Cheap Trick. These influences were transplanted to California in the late 1970s, mutated following the release of Van Halen's debut in 1978, and ultimately ignited into a colourful music scene on L.A.'s Sunset Strip in the 1980s. Their later work also has a very blues-influenced style.

Poison's music was characterised by relatively simple (but undeniably catchy) melodies and anthemic guitar riffs, and often the tunes seemed less important than the garish costumes, overblown hair, feminizing make-up, and frenetic stageshow, all delivered via the metal-heavy MTV of the mid to late 1980s. To m...

origin Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
status Active
years active 1983-1993, 1998-present
music genre Glam metal, Hard rock
current members Bret Michaels
C.C. DeVille
Rikki Rockett
Bobby Dall
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source: Wikipedia