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"Porter" is an independent rock band from Guadalajara, Mexico. Their music is between alternative, indie, and experimental.

Porter is: Juan Pablo aka "Chata" (Drums), Victor aka "Villor" (guitar, piano), Juan Carlos aka "Mussgo" (voice), Fernando aka "ffernand porter" (guitar) and Diego aka "Bacter" (bass, Synth, programmer).

Porter has one EP called "Donde los Ponys Pastan", it was recorded in 3er piso records. This EP includes seven songs like: No te encuentro, Girl, Daphne, Bipolar and the famous song "Espiral". There are also two instrumental songs in this EP called "interlude" and "interlude complicado" in which there are no vocals but show the undeniable talent of these five men.

Their sound consists in the mixture of electronic and acoustic drums, rock guitars, sound loops and Mussgo's distinctive feminoid voice and squeals.

They recently perfomed in a Latin American music festival (which always takes place in Mexico) called "Vive Latino 2006" where they were acclaimed by thousands of fans.

They have two videos: "Espiral" and "Daphne".

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years active 2004–present
origin Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
music genre Indie Music
current members Juan Carlos "Mussgo"
Fernando "ffehr"
Juan Pablo "Chata"
Diego "Bacter"
Victor "Villor"
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia