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Postgirobygget is a Norwegian folk band from Oslo. Their members from 1996 was their guitarist and vocalist Arne Hurlén, their bassist and chorus Gunnar Westgaard, Their guitarist and chorus Nils Petter Time, Their keyboardist and mouthplayer Øyvind Kolset, and their drums, percussion and chorus Per Sarin Madsen. They recorded their first album in 1996 with the title Melis.

*Arne Hurlén - guitarist and vocals (1996-) *Gunnar Westgaard - bass and chorus (1996-) *Nils Petter Time - guitarist and chorus (1996-) *Øyvind Kolset - keyboards and mouthplay (1996-) *Per Sarin Madsen - Drums, percussion and chorus (1996-)


*Melis (1996) *Essensuell (1997) *Supertanker (1999) *4-4-2 (2001) *Best av alt (compilation) (2003)

Postgirobygget (rockegruppe)

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