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"Powderfinger" is an Australian rock band. The band formed in 1989 in Brisbane, with the present lineup of Bernard Fanning (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Harmonica), John Collins (Bass Guitar), Ian Haug (Guitar, Backing Vocals), Darren Middleton (Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals) and Jon Coghill (Drums, Percussion) settling in 1992.

Powderfinger formed in 1989 as a high school band, the original members of which were Ian Haug (Vocals, Guitar), John Collins (Bass) and Steven Bishop (Drums). The band began looking for another guitarist and recruited Bernard Fanning whom Haug met in his university economics class. Eventually, Haug passed the vocal duties onto him. Bishop later left the band, to be replaced with Jon Coghill.The final line-up was almost complete, but they decided to seek out another guitarist to replace Fanning. Darren Middleton, guitarist from the band 'Pirate', filled the position in 1992.

Powderfinger initially performed covers of other artists, gradually developing their own material.

After two independent EPs released in 1993, they were signed to Polydor and in 1994 released their first album, ''Parables for Wooden Ears'', which charted poorl...

years active 1989–present
origin Brisbane, Queensland
music genre Rock (music)
current members Bernard Fanning
John Collins (Australian musician)
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source: Wikipedia