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"Princessa", born Mónica Cruz, is a Spanish pop/dance singer. Born on May 18 1975, she first became known for her participation in "World On Ice" in Madrid and in Spain's Gran Circo Mundial. She was discovered by producer Frank Peterson at age 16 and a few years later recorded her first album. She has produced three full-length records released in Europe and Japan, and a fourth, ''All I Want'', is in production, having released the title single.


* 1993 ''Princessa'' (EMI Electrola)

* 1996 ''Calling You'' (EMI Electrola)

* 1999 ''I Won't Forget You'' (EMI Electrola)


*1993 "Rojo Y Llanto" (EMI Electrola

*1994 "Ensalza Tu Amor" (EMI Electrola)

*1996 "Calling You" (EMI Electrola)

*1996 "Anyone But You" (EMI Electrola)

*1997 "Try To Say I'm Sorry" (EMI Electrola)

*1997 "Baila Al Ritmo" (EMI Electrola)

*1997 "Vivo" (EMI Electrola)

*1997 "Summer Of Love" (EMI Electrola)

*1998 "Snowflakes" (EMI Electrola)

*1999 "I Won't Forget You" (EMI Electrola)

*1999 "(You Just) Believe In You" (EMI Electrola)

*2005 "All I Want"

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