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In Greek mythology, "Prometheus'', or "Prometheas" (Ancient Greek, ''Προμηθεύς'', "forethought") is the Titan chiefly honored for stealing fire from the gods in the stalk of a fennel plant and giving it to mortals for their use.

As a Titan of craft, Prometheus had a small shrine in the Keramikon, or potter's quarter, of Athens, not far from Plato's Academy.

I) ATHENS Chief City of Attika (Southern Greece)

"In the Akademia outside Athens is an altar to Prometheus, and from it they run to the city carrying burning torches. The contest is while running to keep the torch still alight; if the torch of the first runner goes out, he has no longer any claim to victory, but the second runner has. If his torch also goes out, then the third man is the victor. If all the torches go out, no one is left to be the winner."

II) ARGOS Chief City of Argolis (Southern Greece)

The Argives possessed a tomb of Prometheus, who honoured him as a dead hero.

"As to the tomb of Prometheus, their account seems to me to be less probable than that of the Opuntians who also claimed a grave , but they hold to it nevertheless."

III) PANOPEUS Town in Phokis (Central...

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