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"Pupil" is a Filipino rock band composed of Eleandre Basino Buendía a.k.a Ely Buendia on vocals/guitars (from the Eraserheads), Yan Yrastorza Yuzon on lead guitar, Bogs Jugo (of Daydream Cycle) on drums and Dok Sergio (from the bands Teeth and Daydream Cycle) on bass.

Although the band itself is relatively new, all of its members have some experience in the Philippine music scene. Pupil is managed by Ely Buendia's wife, Diane Ventura, who was also manager for The Mongols.

Pupil was known before as The Mongols. However, the group disbanded in early 2005 due to legal reasons. Pupil was formed shortly after, this time without the guitarist from the previous band. Jerome Velasco left the band peacefully to pursue a career in sound engineering. Guitar duty was passed on to Yan Yuzon, who used to be the bassist for The Mongols. Dok Sergio was then added as bassist.

Frontman Ely Buendia chanced upon the name Pupil while browsing a medical book. The band wanted a classic name for a rock band. Before using Pupil, they tried several other names, such as The Gets. They chose the name Pupil because Buendia liked the fact that it was the part of the eye where light enter...

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