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Queen Adreena

Billy Freedom was replaced in 2002 by drummer Pete Howard, formerly of The Clash. The band signed with Rough Trade for their sophomore effort, 2002's ''Drink Me,'' featuring the roaring lead single "Pretty Like Drugs."

Rough Trade dropped them shortly after the release of ''Drink Me'', and Wajih left the band at that time. The band signed with One Little Indian Records, who released 2005's ''The Butcher and the Butterfly'' with KatieJane's sister, Melanie Garside on bass, who left soon after and was replaced by Paul Jackson.

Queen Adreena have a small but dedicated following in England, their home country, but are little known elsewhere.

* ''Taxidermy'', 2000 (Blanco y Negro Records)

* ''Drink Me'', 2002 (Rough Trade Records)

* ''The Butcher and the Butterfly'', 2005 (One Little Indian Records)

* ''Live at the ICA'', 2005 (One Little Indian Records)

* Official site

* Queen Adreena at One Little Indian Records

* Interview and live videos at ''wenn's rockt! WebTV''

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