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"Quicksand" were one of the most influential New York post-hardcore bands of the early to mid-90's, led by Gorilla Biscuits mastermind/guitarist Walter Schreifels. Quicksand provided the blueprint for many bands to follow in their footsteps. British bands such as Hundred Reasons and Hell is for Heroes are two such artists who take their cues from this band.

The band released two widely-acclaimed albums in ''Slip'' and ''Manic Compression'' before disbanding in 1995. In 1997, Quicksand reunited, and embarked on a successful tour in 1998 with The Deftones. Towards the end of the year they entered the studio to begin work on a follow-up to ''Manic Compression'', but tensions within the band caused them to split up for good.


Since the band broke up, Walter Schreifels formed alt-rock band Rival Schools, who released one album before splitting. He currently plays in pop-rock band Walking Concert. Guitarist Tom Capone formed Handsome with members of Murphy's Law, Iceburn and Helmet, releasing a self-titled album in 1997. He currently plays guitar for Instruction. Bassist Sergio Vega has since played bass on tour for the Deftones and has also released solo material....

years active 1990 in music
music genre Post-hardcore
current members Walter Schreifels
Tom Capone
Alan Cage
Sergio Vega
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia