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Quicksilver Messenger Service

"Quicksilver Messenger Service" was one of San Francisco's original psychedelic bands of the late 1960s. Essentially a jam band, their early albums and live shows contributed to some of the best instrumental jams of the period and they achieved heightened popularity around the Bay Area but failed to attain the degree of national popularity that their San Francisco contemporaries, Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, and others, achieved.

The original band members were John Cipollina (guitar), Gary Duncan (guitar, vocals), David Freiberg (bass guitar, vocals and viola), Greg Elmore (drums), and Jim Murray (vocals, guitar and harmonica), although Jim Murray left before the band recorded.


There is some confusion as to whether or not the group was formed around Dino Valente. According to Cipollina:

The next day, Valente was arrested for possession of marijuana, and spent the better part of the next two years in jail. But Gary Duncan notes:

Nevertheless, whether Quicksilver Messenger Service was what Valente had in mind, it appears from Duncan's recollections that he ''had'' at least talked with Cipollina about forming a band; Cipollina rem...

status Disbanded
country San Francisco, California
years active 1965 – 1975
music genre Acid Rock
Psychedelic Rock
current members Gary Duncan,
John Cipollina,
David Freiberg,
Greg Elmore,
Dino Valenti,
Nicky Hopkins,
Jim Murray (musician)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia