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Marvin Rainwater

"Marvin Rainwater", a rockabilly singer-songwriter, was born Marvin Karlton Percy on July 2 1925 in Wichita, Kansas.

Marvin grew up in depression-era Oklahoma. His brother Ray got him a TV appearance with Arthur Godfrey in 1953 to sing ''I Gotta Go Get My Baby''. (Despite the costume he adopted at the time, he is not an indian.) He appeared regularly on Godfrey's TV and radio shows in the 1950s. For four years he was a regular on Red Foley's Ozark Jubilee.

In the 1970s Marvin developed throat cancer, from which he slowly recovered, and moved to his current home, Aitkin, Minnesota.

A number of his songs charted in the 1950s; the most famous of them was ''Gonna Find Me A Bluebird'', which reached US#18 in 1957, and ''Whole Lotta Woman'', which made UK#1 for three weeks in April and May 1958. A second UK single, ''I Dig You Baby'', made #19 in June 1958.


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