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Randy Meisner

"Randy Herman Meisner", normally known as "Randy Meisner", (born 8 March 1946) is a bass guitarist and vocalist best known for his contribution as a founding member of the country-rock group The Eagles.

Meisner was born in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Throughout his professional musical career, Meisner's main activity has been as bass guitarist and backup vocalist. His first public playing experience was with a local band named The Dynamics (later The Drivin' Dynamics) in 1961. In 1965, he moved to California with a band named The Poor.

Meisner turned to supporting himself through studio sessions. In 1969, he appeared on Poco's first album: ''Pickin' Up The Pieces''. He ceased playing with the band shortly before the record was released. While his photo doesn't appear on the jacket, credit for his contributions is given in the album notes.

In 1970, Meisner joined Rick Nelson's Stone Canyon Band. He appears on both ''Rick Nelson - In Concert'' and ''Rudy The Fifth''. At the same time, he was active in Linda Ronstadt's backup band which featured Don Henley, Glenn Frey & Bernie Leadon. In 1971, he, along with Henley, Frey and Leadon, formed The Eagles and they rele...

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