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"Rasputina" is a varying collection of cellists playing alternative rock. The band officially began in Brooklyn, New York in 1992, when Melora Creager put out an advertisement requesting members to form an all-cello band. Julia Kent responded, and the two formed what was dubbed the Travelling Ladies' Cello Society.

Creager writes all of the lyrics for Rasputina, (save for the cover songs) performs most of the vocals, and creates a lot of the cover art for the albums.

While Rasputina was locally well-known and somewhat popular with audiences, their music didn't seem to fit into any category. For this reason, the band was largely untouched until an A&R department representative named Jimmy Boyle saw them at a festival concert and signed them to Columbia Records. In 1996, ''Thanks for the Ether'' was released, and afterwards Rasputina toured with such bands as Bob Mould, Porno for Pyros and, in particular, Marilyn Manson. In 1997 ''Transylvanian Regurgitations'', a follow up ep remixed by Manson, was released.

On their second full-length album, ''How We Quit the Forest'', Rasputina signed on Chris Vrenna (from Nine Inch Nails) as their drummer and producer, influenc...

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