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"Raven" is a band associated with the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, that formed in 1975. They also opened for punk bands The Stranglers and The Morders. They had a hit with the single On & On, and refer to their music as "Athletic Rock".

"Band Members:"

*John Gallagher - Bass, Vocals

*Mark Gallagher - Guitar

*Joe Hasselvander - Drums

"Former Members:"

*Paul Bowden - Guitars (1975-1979)

*Pete Shore - Guitars (1979-1980)

*Paul Sherrif - Drums (1975-1976)

*Mick Kenworthy - Drums (1976-1977)

*Sean Taylor - Drums (1977-1979)

*Rob "Wacko" Hunter - Drums (1979-1988)

*Rock Until You Drop Full-length, 1981 (Chart Position #63 UK)

*Wiped Out Full-length, 1982

*All For One Full-length, 1983

*Live at the Inferno Live album, 1984

*Stay Hard Full-length, 1985 (Chart Position #81 US)

*The Pack is Back Full-length, 1986 (Chart Position #121 US)

*Life's a Bitch Full-length, 1987

*Nothing Exceeds Like Excess Full-length, 1988

*Architect of Fear Full-length, 1991

*Glow Full-length, 1994

*Destroy All Monsters/Live in Japan Live album, 1995

*Everything Louder Full-length, 1997

*One For All Full-length, 2000


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