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Chris Rea

"Christopher Anton Rea" (born 4 March, 1951) is a successful English singer-songwriter, from Middlesbrough.


Rea won a national talent contest in 1975 but was unable to clinch a record contract. He left the his band to pursue a solo career and achieved great success when he signed to the Magnet label and recorded the album ''Whatever Happened to Benny Santini?'' in 1978. ("Benny Santini" was rumoured to have been a stage name Rea considered). With the help of single ''Fool (If You Think It's Over)'' the album went gold in the U.S..


Rea began to focus his attention on Europe, releasing eight albums in the 1980s. It wasn't until 1985's 'Shamrock Diaries' and the songs 'Stainsby Girls' and 'Josephine', that UK audiences began to take notice of him. Follow up albums 'On The Beach' and 'Dancing With Strangers' became big UK hits before the ''New Light Through Old Windows'' compilation album in 1988 brought Rea great success, cementing his reputation as one of the UK's finest singer-songwriters. His next full album was to be his major breakthrough. 'The Road to Hell' 1989 enjoyed massive success and became his first number one album in the UK. These successes coul...

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