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Red Hot Valentines

"The Red Hot Valentines" were a power-pop band from Champaign, Illinois. They formed in 1999, with Jeff Johnson (lead vocals, guitar), Tobin Kirk (backing vocals, guitar), David Gerkin (backing vocals, bass), Eric Humbert (drums), and Jason Searby (keyboards). They released two full-length albums and three EPs. Jason Searby left the band in 2001 for college shortly after recording their first album, and was replaced by Tyson Markley of The Amazing Kill-O-Watts, who left the band in 2003 to raise his kids. The band went on without a keyboardist, and started to go in a new musical direction, as they were tired of playing the catchy pop that they had been known and loved for. By the end of 2004, they had broken up. Their last show was on November 20, 2004. Eric has since gone on tour with Fall Out Boy as a roadie.

*There Is No Plan B (2000)

*The Red Hot Valentines (2002)

*The Red Hot Valentines/Retro Morning Split EP (2002)

*Calling Off Today (2003)

*Summer Fling (2003)

* Entry on Allmusic

Red Hot Valentines,

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