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Redd Kross

"Redd Kross", an alternative rock/garage rock/power pop/cover version band from Hawthorne, California had their roots in 1978 in a band called "The Tourists" begun by Jeff and Steve McDonald while the brothers were still in middle school. With the addition of friends Greg Hetson and Dave Keller on guitar and Ron Reyes (a.k.a. Chavo Pederast) on drums, the band's first gig was opening for Black Flag. They also opened for The Germs.

At the time of their first self-titled EP, in 1980, the band changed their name to "Red Cross" and shortly afterward, Hetson left to join the Circle Jerks and later, Bad Religion and Reyes left for "Black Flag". Keller left to join Trixie and the Doorknobs as its guitarist and singer. To complete the lineup on their first full-length album, ''Born Innocent'', they assembled a revolving door of talented musicians including a young Janet Housden on the drums. Full of the brothers' pop culture obsessions, "Born Innocent" featured odes to Linda Blair (who starred in a television movie of the same name), a cover of "Look on Up" by the Carrie Nations from Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, and Charles Manson (whose song ''Cease to Exist'' they covered). ...

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