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"The Refreshments" were a rock band from Arizona. They wrote and performed the title theme of ''King of the Hill'', an animated series. The band split up after releasing the album ''The Bottle and Fresh Horses'' and breaking from Mercury Records, their record label. Lead singer Roger Clyne and P.H. Naffah regrouped to form Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers.

Buddy Edwards is now a writer and has published his first novel ''Stuck Outside of Phoenix''.

Brian Blush is now a member of the local Arizona band Disasteroid, as well as doing regular acoustic shows, and his side project Luck and Trouble.

Members of The Refreshments were:

* "Roger Meade Clyne" - Guitar and Vocals

* "Brian David Blush" - Lead Guitar

* "Paul "P.H." Naffah" - Drums

* "Arthur Eugene "Buddy" Edwards" - Bass

They were referred to in the song 'Bonus Track #3'.

* "''Wheelie"'' -- Only 2,000 copies were made —- 1,000 CDs and 1,000 Records.

* "''Lo, Our Much Praised Yet Not Altogether Satisfactory Lady"''

* "''Fizzy, Fuzzy, Big & Buzzy"'' (1996)

* "''The Bottle and Fresh Horses"'' (1997)

The Refreshments are most famous for the...

years active 1992 – 1997
origin Arizona, USA
music genre Rock music
Rock members
Roger Clyne
Brian David Blush
Paul "P.H." Naffah
Arthur Eugene "Buddy" Edwards
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source: Wikipedia