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"Remnant" – the lineup includes Matt Gill (lead vocals, guitar), Angela Ausumus Gil (vocals), Hilary Malone (vocals), Jon Demma (trumpet), Jason Spoolstra (saxophone), Noah Galaviz (lead guitar, vocals), Greg Stone (bass guitar, vocals, trombone), Leonard Ehalt (electric guitar, vocals), Lucas Wynn (acoustic guitar), Matt Kalina (acoustic guitar, vocals), and Justin Portillo (drums, percussion, and vocals)

Past band members included Eric Brozgold (drums), Josh Thompson (drums and percussion), Eric Clarkson (bass guitar), Jeremy Demma (bass guitar), Tom Hauk (bass guitar), and Josh Simmons (acoustic guitar, vocals)

The live shows are also known to include jugglers.

The band formed in 1998 in Arlington, Texas; and in July of 2002, Remnant was one of 250 performers selected to play at World Youth Day in Toronto, Canada.

*Threshold of Hope


*Infinity and Beyond

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