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"Ride" was a 90s British shoegazing band. The band formed in 1988 in Oxford, England, and officially broke up in 1996. During that time they received much critical acclaim, and although this never translated into the chart and financial success that they aimed for, for a short while it seemed that the band could prove themselves as defying the fate that befell lesser shoegazer bands. Since then, the band members have gone on to other projects, most notably Andy Bell who became the bass player for Oasis. Since 2001 the band has been semi-active and has released a number of compilation and live recordings, as well as a limited pressing EP with new material.


Gardener and Bell had been to Cheney School in Oxford appearing in the school's musical theatre productions and in October 1988 moved to Banbury to do Foundation Studies in Art and Design. There they met Colbert. Queralt was recruited from a local record shop. After considering the name 'Donkey' the band called itself 'Ride' after a piece of graphic design Gardener produced for a typography workshop. The first gig as Ride was for the College's Christmas Party in 1988. While still at Banbury the band produced a tape dem...

years active 1988–1996
music genre Alternative rock
status Dissolved
country Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom
current members Andy Bell (musician)
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source: Wikipedia