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Rob Dougan

Rob Dougan, who started as Rob D, is an Australian genre-blending music composer. Mixing the sound of orchestral film music, the beats of club Trip Hop, and bluesy vocals, he is only tangentially relatable to electronic music. He was known primarily for his 1995 breakthrough single "Clubbed To Death (kurayamino mix)", popularized by 1999's The Matrix soundtrack, which was also used on the main menu of the Blade Trinity DVD - but not in the film nor on the films soundtrack. In 2002, 7 years after its initial release he released the track in the UK on his debut album Furious Angels. He was born in Sydney, Australia and moved to London, UK ca. 1990.

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== History =

Ca. 1990, his friend Rollo brought Rob Dougan from Australia to London. From 1991 to 1995, "Rob D" was a DJ and remix artist. In 1994 his remixes started charting in the UK. He also released his first own single, "Hard Times".

In 1995, his hit single "Clubbed To Death" gave him a recognized name in...

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Rob Dougan

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