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Robin Beck

"Robin Beck" (born on 7 September, 1956, in New York City) is an American female singer. She topped the singles charts in the UK and Germany during 1988 with her single "The First Time", which had come to the public's attention via its use in a Coca-Cola commercial.

Prior to this one-off achievement, she had spent time as a backing singer, supporting the efforts of Melissa Manchester, Chaka Khan, and even Leo Sayer. However, her other songs failed to achieve commercial success. For example, "Save Up All Your Tears" had already had some success with Cher, "If You Were A Woman And I Was A Man" with Bonnie Tyler, whilst "Tears in the Rain" was covered five years later by Jennifer Rush with much greater success.

She is perhaps best remembered for the odd fact that, after waiting thirty-five years in the UK singles chart, for the first instance of three consecutive female vocalists at the top of the chart, she completed the second such occurrence in under a year.

The first sequence in 1988 was Belinda Carlisle, Tiffany and Kylie Minogue; whilst she completed the second, almost unique, threesome of Whitney Houston, Enya, and Robin Beck. However, it also qualified her ...

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