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Rocket Summer

:: ''For the Ray Bradbury short story see The Martian Chronicles''.

"The Rocket Summer" is an alternative rock band from Grapevine, Texas, comprised solely of Bryce Avary who plays all instruments and sings. Stylistically, The Rocket Summer is characterised by Avary's high-pitched vocals as well as the generally optimistic nature of the songs.

He started performing local shows as a teenager in Dallas and Fort Worth. As Avary's local fan base grew, he released his first EP at the age of 16 in limited release during 2000. Distributing the EP himself under the name ''The Rocket Summer'' to local stores to be sold on consignment, his music appeared on The Adventure Club segment of the KDGE radio station, and quickly became the most requested local band on the program that year.

With increased interest in the music from local, national and international magazines and the EP selling in 5 continents, in 2003 Avary recorded and released his debut album ''Calendar Days'' with a $15,000 budget in Kansas under the The Militia Group label. The album was critically praised as being extremely uplifting, and included varied music (for example, a track including a grade 6 girls'...

years active 2000–Present (time)
status Active
country USA
music genre Alternative Rock
current members Bryce Avary
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia