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"Rockfour" (Hebrew: "רוקפור") is a psychedelic rock band, formed 1988 in Holon, Israel.

After releasing three studio albums and one live album in Hebrew, the second ("Ha'ish Shera'a Hakol") being one of the most acclaimed Israeli rock albums ever, the band started recording albums in English. The first one, "Supermarket" from 2000, got good reviews and was followed by "One Fantastic Day" and "Nationwide". The lead singer Eli Lu-Lai left Rockfour in 2004, and the remaining band members dicided not to look for a new singer. A new English album will be released in 2006.

*Baruch Ben Yitzhak (Guitars, Vocals)

*Issar Tennenbaum (Drums)

*Marc Lazare (Bass, Vocals)


*Amir Tzoref

*Eli Lu-Lai

*Noam Lederman


* ''Resheth Parparim'' 1991

* ''Ha'ish Shera'a Hakol'' 1995

* ''Behazara Lashablul'' 1996

* ''Supermarket'' 2000

* ''One Fantastic Day'' 2001

* ''Nationwide'' 2004


* ''Rockfour Behofa'a'' 1999 (Live)

* ''Another Beginning'' 2001

* ''For Fans Only'' 2003 Official site

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