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Rollins Band

"Rollins Band" is a rock music group led by singer and songwriter Henry Rollins.

From August 1981, Rollins had sung with California-based punk legends Black Flag. Flag split in August of 1986 but less than a year later, Rollins returned to music, together with a friend of his from his D.C. days, Chris Haskett on guitar, along with Bernie Wandell on bass, and Mick Green on drums. Together, they released two records: ''Hot Animal Machine'' (credited as a Rollins solo record) and ''Drive-By Shootings'' (credited to "Henrieta Collins and the Wifebeating Childhaters"). The music was similar to Black Flag's, though it flirted more with heavy metal and jazz.

Soon after, Rollins formed Rollins Band with Haskett, bassist Andrew Weiss, and drummer Sim Cain (Weiss and Cain had previously played with Gone, an instrumental rock group led by guitarist and Black Flag founder Greg Ginn). Live sound engineer Theo Van Rock was usually credited as a band member as well. Ian MacKaye (Fugazi,Minor Threat) produced the band's first album, "Lifetime." Three more albums followed in rapid succession: "Do It," "Hard Volume" and "Turned On."

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years active 1986—present
music genre Hardcore punk, Alternative rock
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