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"Romance" and "romantic" both derive from the Latin ''romanice'' meaning "in the Roman manner". Uses in English vary widely by subject and context.


* Romantic love

* Romantic friendship, a very close but non-sexual relationship


* Romance novel, a genre of fiction focused on romantic love

* Romance (genre), a genre of medieval and renaissance narrative fiction

* Men's romantic fiction, romance from a male perspective

* Scientific romance, an archaic name for the fiction genre now generally known as ''science fiction''

* ''Romance'', a 1905 novel by Joseph Conrad

* ''Romance'', a 1925 novel by George Orwell

* Romance stories online, An emerging way for romance writers to 'publish' stories


* Romantic poetry, that is, poetry of the Romantic movement during the late 18th and 19th centuries

* "Romance", a 1829 poem by Edgar Allan Poe


* Romantic music, that is, music of (or similar to that of) the Romantic movement from roughly 1815-1910

* Romance (music), a simple, lyrical piece of music for solo voice or instrument; and the common title or subtitle of several musical compositions

* Neoromanticism (music), a trend in European class...

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