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"Rooster" are a British indie rock band. They are rapidly gaining popularity in countries like Singapore and Australia, among other East Asian countries.

Rooster were formed in 2002 by "Nick Atkinson" (vocals), "Luke Potashnick" (guitar), "Dave Neale" (drums) and "Ben Smyth" (bass). Atkinson and Potashnick were former school friends who reunited while living in London, after both admitted they were struggling to make an impact with their respective bands. They formed Rooster with Neale and Smyth and, after only a few live shows, were signed to the new BMG affiliate label Brightside.

The band's self-styled "griff rock" combined hard rock with pop but was marketed primarily at the UK teen rock market recently cornered by Busted and McFly. Rooster's debut single, "Come Get Some", reached the UK Top 10 in November 2004. Live shows see the band improvising and extending songs; Neale often performs a four minute long drum solo during 'Drag The Sunrise Down'. Rooster have been known to incorporate covers of Cream's 'Sunshine Of Your Love' and Free's 'Alright Now' and Jamiroquai's 'Deeper Underground' into their live sets.

The quartet received plenty of publicity when...

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