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"''Rufio"'' is a pop punk band from Rancho Cucamonga, California. All the members of the band went to the same high school together. The band was formed when original bassist Jon Berry was in freshman year in college and the other three band members were in the final year of high school. The band gets their name from the character Rufio, one of the Lost Boys from the fairy tale story Peter Pan.

Rufio released their debut recording in 2001 on The Militia Group label, ''Perhaps, I Suppose''. The band returned in June 2003 with ''MCMLXXXV'' (released on the Nitro label), which was recorded with the aid of producer Nick Rasculinecz who has also recorded with Foo Fighters and Rancid. Rufio have also played on the Warped Tour. Their third album ''The Comfort of Home'' was released in July 2005.

In late January, 2006 bassist Jon Berry and drummer Mike Jimenez left the band, the latter to start a new band called Science Fiction Theatre. Following the loss of these two members, the band eventually decided to break-up , and disappointed the many fans wanting to see them on tour with No Use For A Name in early 2006.

*Scott Sellers - vocals, guitar

*Alex Lewis - bass guitar...

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