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Sacred Reich

"Sacred Reich" was a thrash metal band that formed in the 1980s. Singer/songwriter Phil Rind's interest was in socially-conscious and political speed metal. After several records on Metal Blade Records, they signed to Hollywood Records for a short stint, but later returned to Metal Blade to continue their musical career. Although the band was not as commercially successful as Metallica or Megadeth, many consider their albums to be on par with the best speed metal. After fourteen years, the band decided to call it a day in 2000.

Former drummer Dave McClain went on to join Machine Head from December 26th 1995 to the present day. Lead Guitarist Wiley Arnett went on to form The Human Condition in 2001.

* ''Draining You of Life'' (1986 self-released demo - A rarer second version also available with two extra songs)

*''Ignorance'' (1987 Album, Metal Blade Records)

*''Surf Nicaragua'' (1988 EP - Metal Blade Records - CD version has two live bonus tracks)

*''Alive at the Dynamo'' (1989 Live EP - Roadracer Records)

*''The American Way'' (1990 Album, Enigma Records)

*''A Question'' (1991 EP, Hollywood Records)

*''Independent'' (1993 Album, Hollywood Records - Japanes...

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