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Saddle Club

The Saddle Club

This article is about ''The Saddle Club'' TV series. For information on the book series by Bonnie Bryant, go to The Saddle Club (books).

"''The Saddle Club"'' is an Australian television series that is written by Jason Abelson and Kate Barris, and directed by Arnie Custo and Stephen Mann. The Crawfords Television production house produces the series in conjunction with Protocol Entertainment of Canada. The series is based on a popular series children's books written by Bonnie Bryant. It has had two successful Seasons but with a rushed 1 episode ending.

The show, which began to be showcased in 2001, centered around the lives of three girls who take care of horses. Within the next years, new characters have been added to the show. It is a pre-teen to teen comedy; nevertheless, it has enjoyed international success and attracted viewers of other age groups as well. In the United States, it airs on Discovery Kids. The program is shown on the ABC and FOX8 in Australia, on YTV network in Canada and on CITV in the UK.

The stars of ''The Saddle Club'' have recorded four albums since 2002, all of which have made the Australian charts. Heli Simpson, who plays Veronica di Angel...

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