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Salmonella Dub

"Salmonella Dub" are a Dub/Drum n Bass/Reggae/Roots band from Christchurch, New Zealand.

The members of the band are

*David Deakins - drums, vocals, acoustic guitar

*Andrew Penman - guitar, samples, voice,

*Tiki Taane - acoustic guitar, vocals, percussion

*Mark Tyler - bass, keyboard

*Conan Wilcox - saxophone, percussion, vocals, keys

*Tim Budgen - Vj visuals

Salmonella performances are often accompanied with live video, provided by Tim Budgen, WarpTV. A live 45 minute mix of the visuals was included in a recent DVD. "8 videos compiled from the albums 'Killervision', 'Inside the Dubplates' and 'Outside the Dubplates' all available on the Salmonella Dub DVD! Part 1 (Tracks 1-8) is the singles. Part 2 (Tracks 9-26) is a realtime video mix recorded live at the AssidHouse by warpTV. " Images of New Zealand are thus shown in many places around the world, including Dublin, London, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. "Images of obviously kiwi icons are enjoyed by ex-patriots overseas.."


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Background group or band
Origin New Zealand
Genre Dub music
Years active 1993 - present
Current members David Deakins
Andrew Penman
Tiki Taane
Mark Tyler
Conan Wilcox
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia