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"Sandwich", one of the most prominent bands in the Filipino scene, was founded by Raimund Marasigan and Diego Castillo for the purpose of fulfilling their mutual desire to work together. Castillo recruited former band mates (from The Aga Muhlach Experience) Mike Dizon (of Teeth) to play drums and Myrene Academia (of Imago) to handle bass duties, and Marasigan discovered Marc Abaya, who would become their vocalist, at a party while he was jamming to a Beastie Boys song with his band, Shirley Beans.

They were signed to Sony-BMG Records and released their debut album, Grip, Stand, Throw, with much success, thanks to its carrier single, "Butterfly Carnival."

Abaya was still in college at the time, and Marasigan would still tour occasionally with the Eraserheads, but these weren’t hindering factors for Sandwich, as there were many sessionists ready to take over in case of a member’s absence.

The band won three awards at the 1999 NU 107 Rock Awards: Album of the Year, Best New Artist, and Song of the Year.

They released their second album, Four-Track Mind, in 2000; it was awarded Album of the Year at the Rock Awards in 2001.

Sandwich then ...

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