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Saturnus were formed in 1991. They are a six-piece metal band from Denmark. Saturnus's music is classified as death/doom metal, with touches of gothic metal. Their lyrics are themed towards sorrow, loss, and death.


==Band members=

*Thomas Akim Grønbæk Jensen - Vocals (1991-) *Peter Erecius Poulsen - Guitar (1998-) *Tais Pedersen (Usipian) - Guitar (2000-) *Lennart Jacobsen - Bass (2001-) *Nikolaj Borg (Withering Surface) - Drums (2004-) *Anders Ro Nielsen - Keyboards (1993-)

Guitar: *Christian Brenner (1993) *Kim Sindahl (1993) *Mikkel Andersen (1993-1995) *Morten Skrubbeltrang (1997-1998) *Jens Lee (????) *Kim Larsen (1994-1999)

Drums: *Pouli Choir (1993) *Henrik Glass (2001-2003) *Jesper Christensen (????) *Jesper Saltoft (1993-1999) *Morten Plendge (2000-2001)

Bass: *Peter Heede (2000-2001) *Brian Hansen (1991-1999)


  • Paradise Belongs to You (1996)
  • Martyre (2000) years active 1991 – present status Active origin Copenhagen, Denmark music genre Death metal
    Doom metal current members Thomas Akim Grønbæk Jensen
    Peter Erecius Poulsen
    Tais Pedersen (Usipian)
    Lennart Jacobsen
    Nikolaj Borg (Withering Surface)
    Anders Ro Nielsen
    license: GNU FDL
    source: Wikipedia

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