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Say Hi To Your Mom

"Say Hi To Your Mom" is an American indie rock group run by Eric Elbogen. Though often considered a band, Say Hi to Your Mom is actually a solo project. Elbogen creates all the records in a bedroom and plays all the instruments on the records. He employs the talents of other musicians to play live while touring, however.

Say Hi to Your Mom is best known for its song, "Let's Talk About Spaceships", from the record ''Numbers and Mumbles'', released on the label Euphobia. A fourth album titled ''Impeccable Blahs'' is set to be released July 25, 2006. The new album, according to Elbogen, is about vampires. A song from the Album, "These Fangs", is available for download where you can also pre-order ''Impeccable Blahs''. During the making of the album, he had help from his touring mates Chris Egan III and Jeff Sheinkopf on many (if not all) songs.


#The Fritz

#They Write Books About This Sort of Thing


#The Pimp and The Sparrow

#Kill The Cat

#Unless The Laker Game was On



#Pintsized Midnight Moonbeam Workers

#The Showdown in Goattown


#Pop Music Of The Future

#A Hit In Sweden

#Super Listen Listen


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