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Screaming Jets

The "Screaming Jets" is a hard rock band from Newcastle, Australia. The band was formed by three former members of Aspect, singer Dave Gleeson, bass player Paul Woseen and guitarist Grant Walmsley, in 1989. Along with second guitarist Richard Lara and former Radiators drummer Brad Heaney, the Screaming Jets won a national Battle of the Bands contest run by the youth broadcaster Triple J and a resultant EP, "The Scorching Adventures of the Screaming Jets" scored an ARIA Award nomination. Winning a deal with Sydney independent label rooArt, the Screaming Jets released their debut album ''All For One'' that spawned a top-charting hit single in "Better" along with two others, "Shine On" and "Stop the World" that were only moderate performers and the controversial "FRC" that featured guest vocals by various members of Mortal Sin, The Choirboys and The Angels.

Following the album's release, the Screaming Jets went to the UK where they based themselves for over two years, touring there and throughout Europe with a variety of hard rock and heavy metal bands. During a series of shows with Ugly Kid Joe, Heaney was fired and replaced for the rest of the tour by one-time Judas Priest drum...

years active 1989 – present
origin Newcastle, Australia
country Australia
music genre Hard rock
current members Dave Gleeson
Grant Walmsley
Izmet Osmanovich
Paul Woseen
Mickl Sayers
past members Brad Heaney
Richard Lara
Craig Rosevear
Jimi Hocking
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia