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Sean Paul

:''This article is on the reggae singer from Jamaica. For the Atlanta-based rapper, See YoungBloodZ.

"Sean Paul Ryan Francis Henriques" (born January 8, 1973 in Kingston, Jamaica) is a popular dancehall singer and deejay. He is best known by his stage name, "Sean Paul".

Paul grew up 'comfortably' (according to his VH1 biography) in Upper Saint Andrew Parish, Jamaica, a few miles north of Kingston, his mother was a renowned painter. According to Sean, "My mother's mother was born in Coventry, England, but the rest of my grandparents were born in Jamaica, My mother's father is Chinese and my father's father is mixed with white and Portuguese. My father's mother is mixed with black and white." He claims to be a descendant of King Solomon through his father. Sean Paul's mother gave him his first piano when he was eight.

Paul's family are swimmers and his grandfather was a member of the first Jamaican water polo team. Paul joined the Jamaican Water Polo Team himself.

Although his education did not land him a prosperous career, dancehall music remained Paul's first love, particularly crafting rhythm tracks. He became a DJ after he began writing his own songs, ...

Background solo singer
Born January 8, 1973
Origin Kingston, Jamaica
Genre Dancehall, Reggae
Ethnicity Multiracial, Black
Years active 1994–present
website Official website
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia